About Us

We believe in a more natural life, right from the beginning.

Conor and Mom


After a major health challenge in 2004, I realized how important it was to keep our environment and our diets, as natural/organic as possible.

It's not just one event in our lives that makes us sick. It's a buildup of pesticides, toxins and chemicals, that finally can effect us in a very negative way. And we can't control everything and live in a bubble.

So, from my experience, I am offering information and products that can help new parents create a safer environment for their babies.

Our Story

Sweet Night Baby was started by a woman who is passionate about helping families live more balanced, natural lives.

And one thing that can throw anyone off, is lack of sleep. I understand having a new baby in the house changes everyone's sleep pattern. I do remember the sleepless nights. And boy, if I had had one of the crib mattresses that we offer here, I think I would have had a few more ZZZZs.

Realizing that baby needs the best beginning, and so do you as new parents, I decided to dedicate a site to safe products for sleep and baby. I am dedicated to making this the best site for you to come to for not only products based around sleep, but information, articles, tips and ways to put baby to sleep...and keep them sleeping. This may include diet and routines as well and anything that can help you and your family live a more natural, healthy life.

My mission is to help you and your family to get the best night's sleep that you can. For you to live a more balanced life. And to help you with your transition with having a new baby in the house.
As a mom, I understand.

So, I am here to help. If I don't have the answer, I will do my best to find it for you.

To A Better Night's Sleep...For All,