Moonlight Slumber

Moonlight Slumber is a line of highly awarded baby crib mattresses. They promote healthy sleep for baby and will help parents with peace of mind.

As a parent, I know how important it is to have a safe place for your baby to sleep. And that is why I offer Moonlight Slumber as an option for safe and healthy sleep. Since 2002, Moonlight Slumber has been crafting premium sleep products, including crib mattresses, twin and full mattresses. They have a full line of nursery accessories that will please even the most discerning parents. Their products go above and beyond safety standards, with unique lines of modern and medical quality crib mattresses, twin and full mattresses and pads.

One major concern, as a parent myself, are the chemicals in most conventional mattresses. I couldn’t have my son resting his head on a chemical bed, breathing in toxins and gasses.

Moonlight Slumber’s crib mattresses offer the premium features of more expensive baby crib mattresses, at a reasonable price.
They are free from spray-on FR chemicals, off gassing and indoor air pollutants. Your baby will sleep safely and comfortably, and so will you.

Most of the crib mattresses are lightweight for easy night sheet changes, easy to care for and come with a lifetime warranty. Also, they are made in the USA of sourced materials.

The designs support two sleeping surfaces for different stages of your child’s life. The second side supports your toddler’s growing joints and spine, extending well into toddler bed years. There are some very cool options for the second side from latex to visco (memory) foam. And plush foams infused with plant oils to temperature regulating CoolGel and BabyCool visco foams. So, one mattress that will last for several years.

All of Moonlight Slumber’s crib mattresses are covered with quality, pliable fabric covers, and not some hard cover. This allows softness under the body while allowing the mattress to support baby. And, the best part, still water, stain and odor-resistant (with exception of the Starlight Simplicity – there you have a simple cotton cover, no waterproofing or excess).

From the best-selling Little Dreamer crib mattress to the amazing hybrid Little Star, Moonlight Slumber has a large selection of quality, affordable, safe crib mattresses for every new parent to choose from. And complete with Green Guard Gold certification.greenguardbadges

Compare crib mattresses using this Moonlight Slumber comparison chart. And find the right one for your baby.

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