Sopora Is No Longer


Well, it saddens me to say that Sopora Crib Mattresses are no longer being manufactured and there is no intention in the future for the company to continue this line.

The company that owned Sopora, Munire Furniture, was acquired awhile back. The only stock of Sopora is what you can find on the shelves. So, if you have a mattress and are looking for sheets and find a source, grab them up!

Sopora was a great mattress and they will be missed. But don't forget about the great organic cotton crib mattresses made by Naturepedic that we offer here. As well a new one on the block for breathable mattresses, Newton. We are carrying Lullaby Earth as well as adding several others for you to choose from. Our main goal here is to offer products that are safe and healthy for your baby and children. No second guessing if the product you buy here has chemicals. From there, it's a personal choice.

So, if you have any questions, please let me know. I'm here to help. Just email me at julia (at) or use our Contact Us page.

Here's to a better sleep...for all.