Why A Bouffi Breathable 3D Mesh Pillow

Solution for flat head syndrome.

Your baby's health is so important. Bouffi 3D Mesh Pillows were made with a patented spacer material. It allows for the best air circulation and maximum breathability. They were created to help with flat head syndrome by helping to alleviate negative pressure on baby's soft skull. It molds to baby's head. And with the ease of machine washing, it's a no-brainer.

With the slight elevation that the Bouffi pillow creates, baby will be more comfortable after nursing or with colic issues because they are not lying flat.

If you are not accustomed to the idea of using a pillow with your baby, you're not alone. We are taught not to use pillows with our babies. But did you know, Sweden has the lowest rate of SIDS in the world and in their National Child Health Handbook recommends all infants sleep on their backs using a baby pillow to prevent flat head syndrome?
In some European countries, doctors use small supportive pillows in the NICU to make the small and sick babies more comfortable and keep their airways open. It's a common practice in Asian countries as well.

So, we might need to rethink how we lie our babies down on their backs to sleep. It's so important to for them to sleep on their backs, but they could use a little help.

Bouffi Breathable 3D Mesh Pillow

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Bouffi pillow comes in 3 different colors...Blue, Pink and Yellow.